Dental Aerosol Control

Aerosol generating procedures (AGP) release airborne particles and droplets that can increase the risk of respiratory infection. Nederman's aerosol control solutions protect dentists, patients and their staff from these airborne hazards.

Go beyond CDC and ADA guidance to keep your patients and staff safe. Remove airbone contaminants from the patient's breathing zone during aerosol generating procedures with a permanent source capture solution.

Nederman FX2 extraction arms offer unbeatable flexibility, efficiency and easy-of-use, especially in a dental office setting, where floorspace and patient health is of the utmost importance. Remove tripping hazards by mounting the arms to the ceiling or wall and easily integrate with a complete Nederman filtration system.

Nederman FX2 extraction arms are small, flexible and easy-to-use to effectively eliminate aerosol particles that could spread respiratory infection. They capture the pollutants as close to the source as possible, so that a high capture rate is achieved with minimum energy use. Any hazardous airborne substances are removed before they reach the breathing zone or spread throughout the office.

Nederman FX2 in short

  • Effective aerosol extraction
  • Low noise level and high energy efficiency
  • Stable positioning with easy maneuverability
  • Ceiling or wall-mount
  • Aesthetic design
  • Complete freedom when planning installation
  • Maximum installation flexibility

Unique maneuverability
Nederman FX2 arms are highly flexible, and simple to position, extend and retract. The two outermost arm joints can rotate 360°. This makes it possible to position the hood exactly where required. Once correctly positioned, the hood can be locked in place using two friction devices in the arm joints.

Optimal efficiency and low noise
The FX2 arms were developed using computerized simulations, and the resulting highly improved airflows mean    that smaller fans that consume less energy are required. Another user benefit is the reduced noise level.  Depending on the airflow, this means a reduction of about 5 dB or more, when compared with similar arms on the market. Complementary Nederman products such as fans, ducting and control units can further increase energy efficiency.

Aesthetic design
The lean, smooth and aesthetic design allows Nederman FX2 arms to fit well in any environment without compromising durability and reliability. The swivel design is optimized to ensure a slim profile and clear sight. Thanks to the long upper arm section, the FX2 PLUS swivel and accessories can be placed high up or above a false ceiling. It creates a modern design that easily blends in and prevents dust accumulation.

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