Nederman Channel and Partner Program

Nederman Partners

Accelerate your sales and market offering with the Nederman Partner Program

The Nederman Channel Partner Program is designed to help resellers and distributors accelerate their sales and profitability. When you join the Nederman Channel Partner Program, you receive a set of benefits that can help you increase sales and save time and money while you strengthen your capabilities, better serve customers and reach full business potential and build connections to reach full business potential. All supported by the Nederman brand and reputation as a global leader in supplying products and solutions that filter, clean and recycle in demanding environments. 

Empower your business potential

By working closely together, we at Nederman believe we both can achieve more, It´s a true partnership of trust, commitment and of actively supporting each other. We believe that by helping others to win, we increase the opportunity of a bright future for both of us. 

Discover your partner program

We offer three levels of partnership designed to create mutual success. If you fit our business plan, joining the Bronze level is relatively easy. Gold and Silver is where the real partnership begins. Gold and Silver partners have proven their capacity to actively sell and integrate Nederman products. They are also willing to invest in the relationship in order to create mutual success and business opportunities. At Nederman we value and reward this long-term commitment with extended and exclusive advantages.

  • Dedicated Partner Development
  • Joint marketing activities
  • Training

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Accelerate your product sales

The Channel Partner Program is for
resellers and distributors who want to
grow their business.

Partnership benefits

At Nederman we value and reward
long term commitments with
extended and exclusive advantages.

Nederman brand

Supported by our brand

Nederman is well known for supplying
products of high quality and high
technical standard.