Diesel Exhaust Extraction for Fire and Emergency Vehicles

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Nederman Source Capture Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Source Capture of Diesel Exhaust

Nederman is committed to protecting firefighters from the harmful effects of diesel exhaust and the most effective way to accomplish this is by capturing the contaminant immediately upon discharge from the vehicle. This approach eliminates worker exposure or migration throughout the facility.

Source capture is a highly effective engineering control used for addressing workplace hazards. In 2016, NIOSH recommended the use of engineering controls for reducing firefighter exposure to diesel engine exhaust.

Nederman Source Capture Exhaust SolutionsAmbient-air-general-ventilation

Source Capture vs. Ambient Air Cleaning

Source capture proactively captures the exhaust discharged from the tailpipe and removes it from the building virtually eliminating exposure to the firefighters. Ventilation or ambient air cleaning near the roof allows the diesel to migrate throughout the facility and does not eliminate fume exposure to the firefighter’s breathing zone. 

Nederman Exhaust Extraction Systems for Fire and Emergency Vehicles

Nederman can create the most optimal solution for high quality, effective, safe and ergonomic diesel exhaust removal systems. Nederman has a broad range of solutions that align with the unique needs of each station. We help you all the way – from planning, design and commissioning to maintenance and service support. The Clean Air Company is trusted at thousands of fire stations around the globe.

Nederman maximizes health and safety with proven and reliable technology. Nederman systems are designed to extend component life and reduce maintenance needs. Nederman utilizes ambient air mixing and responsive actuation systems to ensure longer lifecycles and the most effective exhaust capture.

Design an Exhaust System for Your Station's Unique Needs

Nederman offers exhaust rails and tracks for vehicles in motion to accommodate different types of vehicles – including tailpipe styles, sizes, frequency of runs and bay orientation. How fast do your trucks exit the station? Nederman offers durable construction and smooth release hoses, so you can exit quickly and safely. 

Undercarriage Exhaust Arrangements

For emergency vehicles that have exhaust tailpipe(s) under the vehicle carriage, Nederman offers a broad range of solutions that accommodate the station configuration, number of vehicles and operation with a track or rail system that includes an exhaust hose that reaches down to the tailpipe and then safely conveys the exhaust from the building.

Nederman Undercarriage Exhaust Arrangements

Vertical Exhaust Stack Arrangements

Some types of heavy duty emergency vehicles or crash trucks commonly used at airports have vertical exhaust stacks which require a different solution arrangement. Nederman offers a range of products to fit these needs with both back-in or drive through exhaust stack solutions.


Nederman MagnaStack Vertical Exhaust

MagnaStack - a system designed for normal sized engines and vehicles with vertical exhaust stacks that back in to stations.

Nederman VerticalStack Exhaust

Vertical Stack - designed for large sized engines and vehicles with vertical exhaust stacks that drive through or back in to stations.

Track, Rail and Trolley Styles

Nederman Track ST

Track ST - features an aluminum track and looping hose supported by a sliding balancer. This configuration is ideal for stations with less frequent runs and slower exit speeds.

  • Maximum Exit Speed: Up to 10 mph
  • Number of Vehicles: 1
  • Travel Direction: Back-in (typical) or Drive Through
  • Track Length Range: 24 – 40 ft
  • Run Frequency: Low to Medium
Nederman MagnaTrack HS

Track HS - features an aluminum track and vertical hose supported by a coiled balancer for back-in or drive through stations. This configuration is suited for stations with average frequency runs and higher exit speeds.

  • Maximum Exit Speed: Up to 15 mph
  • Number of Vehicles: 1
  • Travel Direction: Back-In (typical) or Drive Through
  • Track Length: 24-40 ft
  • Run Frequency: Medium
Nederman MagnaRail

MagnaRail  a high capacity system designed to handle the highest operational requirements. Up to 4 vehicles can be attached to the same rail each, with a designated disconnection point. For a drive through application for vehicles with either high level or low level tailpipes.

  • Maximum Exit Speed: Up to 15 mph
  • Number of Vehicles: Up to 4
  • Travel Direction: Back-In (Typical) or Drive Through
  • Track Length Range: 24 – 98 ft
  • Run Frequency: High

Nozzle and Connection Styles

Nederman Electromagnetic Exhaust Connection

Electromagnet – Side panel Target with Electromagnet Connection
The industry leading electromagnet provides a powerful vehicle connection resulting  in effective exhaust capture at the source, reliable performance and smooth release.

  • Effective Capture – Nozzle located immediately at the exhaust ensuring capture and entrainment of cooler, ambient air
  • Smooth Release – Sensor controlled release disconnects the nozzle at the perfect spot reliably, every time.
  • Ergonomic – The connection plate is conveniently located where no leaning or excessive handling is required for connection.
  • No Tailpipe Modifications – The connection is made on a targeted plate above the tailpipe
  • Maximum Versatility – A slightly oversized and offset nozzle arrangement adapts to most tailpipe arrangements including dual, tapered or other odd shaped exhaust tailpipes.
Nederman MAX Nozzle

MAX Nozzle – Direct Connection to Tailpipe
The MAX Nozzle arrangement offers a simple, direct, rare earth magnetic connection to the vehicle tailpipe that captures exhaust at the source. A patent pending design delivers an easy to use, reliable and durable solution.

  • Easy to Use - Connects directly to tailpipe for simple operation and effective capture.
  • Consistent Release - Rare earth magnetic connection until hose tension during vehicle exit.
  • Air-Cooled Magnets - Cool, ambient air is induced over the magnets, maintaining magnetic strength and extending useful life while cooling the exhaust airstream.
  • Durable Finish - Electrolytic nickel plating for improved durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Robust Tailpipe Adapter - Thick, steel contact plate reduces on-road damage and costly repairs.
Nederman MagnaGreen

Green – Side Panel Target with Rare Earth Magnets
The Green connection is comparable to the electromagnet connection but instead uses rare earth magnets to secure the nozzle to the engine. This arrangementprovides the same effective capture, ergonomics and tailpipe versatility but at a reduced cost for stations that have lower operational demands.

The Full Range of Components to Build a Complete System

Nederman has exhaust extraction systems to fulfill the specific needs of your fire- and emergency station and suit your budget. No matter the size of your station, sizes/types of vehicles or frequency of operation. Nederman has the widest range of products and systems, as well as extensive experience and knowledge in how to build the optimal solution. 

Complete Engineered Diesel Exhaust Solution

  1. Exhaust Fan – Once the system configuration is known, Nederman will select a fan that ensures proper airflow at each extraction point
  2. Track / Rail Trolley – Select the style that best meets your operational requirements, based on the frequency of runs, exit speed, number of vehicles or other factors.
  3. System Controls – Nederman offers UL Listed system control panels that operate the fan and actuators. Optional Variable Frequency Drives can be used to further automate the system.
  4. System Actuator – Standard in-dashboard actuator and receiver turns the fan on immediately when the engine is turned on. A pressure switch actuator is also available for MAX Nozzle configurations.
  5. Options and AccessoriesNederman offers additional options and accessories including safety disconnects, hoods, duct, etc.
  6. Nozzle StyleSelect from the available sizes for either the direct tailpipe connection MAX Nozzle option or the high-performance electromagnet nozzle connection.


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