diesel exhaust removal systems for fire stations

Fire and Emergency Stations

Diesel exhaust removal systems with safe and effective quick release

Firefighters face many health risks including exposure to diesel exhaust within the station. Left unchecked, vehicle exhaust fumes migrate throughout the apparatus bays and into office and living spaces negatively impacting the health, performance and well-being of first responders. Diesel exhaust is considered a Group 1 carcinogen by global health and safety organizations including NIOSH, OSHA and the WHO. Thankfully, new technologies including clean diesel have significantly reduced the exposure but does not fully eliminate the risk. Nederman is the Clean Air Company and a global leader in protecting people from the harmful effects of indoor air pollution, including emergency vehicle exhaust. 

Benefits with Nederman Exhaust Extraction Solutions 

Why Nederman? Nederman can create the most optimal solution for high quality, effective, safe and ergonomic diesel exhaust removal systems. Nederman has a broad range of solutions that align with the unique needs of each station. We help you all the way – from planning, design and commissioning to maintenance and service support. The Clean Air Company is trusted at thousands of fire stations around the globe.

  • Quality, Reliability and Durability – thousands of installations worldwide with lasting solutions, reduced maintenance and operating expenses
  • Source Capture Approach – capture contaminants immediately before migration throughout the station with effective exhaust extraction directly at the tail pipe
  • Engineered Solutions – broad range of solutions and services to meet your unique station requirements
  • Committed to Sustainability – Nederman is committed to being part of sustainable solutions for creating clean air. We are the Clean Air Company.

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