Life Cycle Cost Fire and Emergency Stations

A clean, safe and well-organised fire and emergency station generates a professional impression and higher profit

Nederman is specialized in creating the most optimal solution for your fire and emergency station, at lowest total cost during the investment life cycle. From a single source of supply you get the latest technologies developed in close cooperation with leading companies within the automotive sector. We fulfill all your requirements – from planning, design and commissioning to maintenance and service support. All backed up by more than sixty years of experience. A strong local presence with sales companies and distributors all over the world ensures that we are always close at hand.

  • Exhaust and welding fume extraction systems save your personnel from harmful emissions and reduce sick leave absences
  • Reels for hoses and cables, easy accessible and out of the way when not in use, increase job efficiency and safety
  • Oil and liquid monitoring and distribution systems eliminate spillage and loss - resulting in more profitable service works

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  • 9/10/2019

    The health risks of welding fume, and how to reduce them in the workshop

    In 2017, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released new scientific evidence showing that exposure to mild steel welding fume can cause lung cancer, and possibly kidney cancer, in humans. As a result, mild steel welding fume has been reclassified as a human carcinogen in the United Kingdom, and it is likely that other countries will follow suit. Moreover, this recent discovery indicates that all welding fume should be seen as potentially carcinogenic, and that measures will need to be taken in order to reduce the health hazards caused by welding fume exposure.
  • 8/19/2019

    The benefits of smart and communicative filter systems

    IoT technology and artificial intelligence are reshaping industrial processes. By gathering data, applying analytics and extracting insights, companies can understand, monitor and maintain the performance and quality of their systems like never before. This is certainly the case with industrial filters as well.