Diesel exhaust removal systems for fire stations

Life Cycle Cost Fire and Emergency Stations

A clean, safe and well-organised fire and emergency station generates a professional impression and higher profit

Nederman is specialized in creating the most optimal solution for your fire and emergency station, at lowest total cost during the investment life cycle. From a single source of supply you get the latest technologies developed in close cooperation with leading companies within the automotive sector. We fulfill all your requirements – from planning, design and commissioning to maintenance and service support. All backed up by more than sixty years of experience. A strong local presence with sales companies and distributors all over the world ensures that we are always close at hand.

  • Exhaust and welding fume extraction systems save your personnel from harmful emissions and reduce sick leave absences
  • Reels for hoses and cables, easy accessible and out of the way when not in use, increase job efficiency and safety
  • Oil and liquid monitoring and distribution systems eliminate spillage and loss - resulting in more profitable service works
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