On-torch extraction of welding fumes

On-torch extraction is an alternative method to capture the welding fumes at the source

Capture the fumes directly at its point of generation is often achieved using self-supporting moveable capture hoods, but these hoods require frequent repositioning. That can be an issue when the welder works with long and large pieces, when the repositioning interrupts the job and can also have limited extraction area because of the arm length.
Therefore, the solution for continuous wire welding processes is the use of on-torch fume extraction.


Some background

The first on-torch solution was introduced in the 1980´s, and for many years the torches with integrated extraction have been clumsy and disturbing for the user. Investing in product development, today torch manufacturers offer lighter and more ergonomics torches, and therefore more acceptable by the user. Also, modern torches also offer very high capture rates using relatively low air flows, meaning minimal disturbance of the shielding gases and therefore no detriment to the weld integrity.

The technology

Welding torches with integrated fume extraction capture the fumes directly at source, over the welding pool. The extraction is done via openings in the nozzle at the tip of the torch, and the fumes are carried through hoses into the collector. To properly extract and treat the fumes, the torch must be connected to a high vacuum system. The unit – portable or central – supplies vacuum to the torch, collects and filters the fumes, returning clean air to the workshop.  

The advantages of On-Torch Extraction with High Vacuum Systems

Extraction is always at the source of the fume and in all welding positions, no need to deal with capture hoods. Improved arc-on time, increasing productivity. The low high vacuum extract rates means low energy costs for system operation. Newly developed torches with integrated extraction are light, robust and maneuverable. In situations with more than 10 points, on-torch extraction is more economical. 


Nederman High Vacuum Solutions

Nederman has been an active player in solutions with high vacuum technology for on-torch extraction for more than 30 years. Nederman´s range of solutions with high vacuum is the most complete in the market, covering from one to infinite points of extraction.


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