Nederman Aerosol Extraction Reduces Bacteria Load from Aerosols


Research Results provided by the DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Research Center show the efficacy of Nederman Aerosol Extraction in real practice scenarios.


Hygienist and patient using Nederman FX2 during a scaling procedure.

Achieve the Safety You Need with a Flexible and Easy-to-Use FXExtraction Arm

DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Research Center conducted an eight patient clinical trial of the Nederman FX2 aerosol control solution to evaluate the effectiveness in controlling airborne bacteria during ultra-sonic scaling procedures. The testing protocol was developed to match actual working conditions of  many dental hygienists who choose not use High Volume Extraction (HVE) during aerosol generating procedures (AGPs), due to difficulty of use or poor ergonomics and instead use a saliva ejector (SE).

Bacterial loads in the room were measured before the procedure began, during an ultrasonic scaling procedure with only a SE and then with the Nederman FX2 arm and SE. In addition to the bacteria load the clinical trial also measured the sound levels during procedures and the effectiveness of the Nederman HEPA filter in removing aerosol from the airstream. Clinicians and patients were also interviewed about their experiences with the Nederman solution during their procedures.

Results conclusively show that the Nederman FX2 arm reduced the bacterial load when compared to just using the SE and even lower than the pre-procedural measurement. Other findings include:

Reduced airborne bacteria levels during AGP - The use of the FX2 arm controlled and or reduced the overall bacterial level in the room during without the use of HVE.

Effective capture at an acceptable noise level -The noise level during the procedure increased only 3 dB with the FX2 extraction arm operating and was considered negligible by the clinicians.

HEPA filter was effective in removing the aerosol - Aerosol levels were measured lower immediately after the filter than the ambient air in the operatory.

Feedback from Clinicians and Patients

Feedback from clinicians showed the FX2 was easy to use operate and fit well within the dental environment allowing them to work efficiently but also safer. Patients also appreciated the extra safety measures being taken by the practice to protect them and the clinicians.

Clinician Comments:

“I barely noticed it was there.”

“I was surprised at how powerful the suction was, yet it was quiet.”

“This device is out of the way when you need it, and easy to position where you need to.”

“My patients mentioned that the device made them feel safer.”

Patient Comments:

“It gave me relief that the office was considering safety during COVID.”

“I felt safer having this working as a secondary measure during my procedure. You never know what is in the air from other people.”

“I appreciated the extra steps the office was taking to protect me and their employees.”

Read the full report here.

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