New optimized air filtration performance through Intelligent Airflow Control

We are now introducing Nederman SAVE, a brand-new intelligent airflow control system to optimise filtration performance while radically reducing energy consumption.

Industrial air filtration systems play a crucial role in both operational efficiency and the health and safety of industrial workers. However, dust collection systems are often consuming a lot of energy and stand for a big part of the production’s energy costs. A growing problem for all industries in a world with increasing energy prices.

Save up to 70% energy

With Nederman SAVE, you can now save up to 70% of your energy consumption and optimize your air filtration performance in a significant way. The Nederman SAVE solution is an intelligent system that utilizes machine and process information to determine the precise amount of airflow and pressure required for effective dust collection and safe material transport. By tracking the process and adjusting fan operation to only deliver the required airflow, Nederman SAVE uses the minimum energy required to maintain the desired performance.

How to save energy with intelligent airflow control

The intelligent airflow control is achieved through the integration of sensors on machines or processes that detect operational status and indicate the need for extraction. The sensor readings are gathered by local SAVE Modules which each can serve up to four machines, the gathered information is then transmitted wirelessly to a central SAVE Controller, where system requirements are compiled and analyzed comprehensively. Based on the analysis from the SAVE controller, instructions are sent to the variable frequency drive(s) that control each fan and to the dampers on each machine, in order to optimize the airflow and the pressure for the operational system.

Nederman SAVE integrates seamlessly with Nederman Insight, our cloud-based IIoT platform that provides remote real-time monitoring, visualization, and tracking of system performance, including customized dashboards, alarms, and reports. With Nederman Insight connected to your Nederman SAVE system, you always have access to live data on performance via the web or your mobile devices anywhere and anytime. A perfect solution to take full control of your factory air!

Optimize your existing dust collector

By incorporating Nederman SAVE in the design of new dust collection systems, the system can be optimized from day one, however, the Nederman SAVE solution can just as well be retrofitted to your existing dust collecting system to reduce your energy consumption. Nederman SAVE can be adapted to most existing dust collection systems, including baghouses (reverse air or pulse jet), cartridge collectors, and systems with multiple fans, and optimize underperforming systems.

With the introduction of Nederman SAVE, industrial filtration systems are smarter and more efficient than ever before. By leveraging operational data and providing intelligent airflow control, the system offers significant energy savings, increased safety, and reduced maintenance time. The payback time on the investment is generally under two years and the time from the project start to commissioning is no more than four months. Simply a quick installation, with incredibly short payback time and guaranteed significant energy savings.

Government funded sustainability investments

Energy saving installations like Nederman SAVE are often government supported. In many countries, governments offer energy-saving programs by which industries can apply for investment contributions. An approved application for a government grant, helps to pay for the investment which not only can enable the investment and speeds up the payback time, but also market your business’s sustainable approach which today is a vital factor for customers, investors, and future employees.   

Whether you have an existing system or are designing a new one, incorporating Nederman SAVE can help future-proof your factory and profits as well as contribute to a more sustainable operation. Contact one of our clean air experts to learn how you can optimize your air filtration performance and save energy in your operation.

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