Wood Dust Collection

From small-to large scale shops using hand tools to automated CNC machines, woodworking manufacturers need effective dust collection solutions to create a safe and productive work environment.

Dust generated by woodworking manufacturing processes create serious health and safety risks to workers and assets. Processes common within woodworking factories including cutting, sanding, planing, edge banding, routing, drilling creates sawdust. When the generated dust is uncontrolled it will create:

  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Combustible dust risks, including fires and explosions
  • Accelerated wear and tear on machinery
  • Increased downtime and reduced productivity

According to Dust Safety Science, the woodworking industry accounts for approximately 25% of all global, combustible dust incidents.


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One of the most serious risks caused by sawdust in woodworking factories is that the dust comes in contact with the right concentration of oxygen, an explosion can occur. 


A source for ignition is all it takes to trigger an explosion. The complete system needs to be manufactured and installed in compliance with standard and regulations.


Nederman is the global leader for ATEX and NFPA compliant dust collection solutions. Our comprehensive approach throughout the design, installation and maintenance processes sets us apart.


Wide range and high-efficient solutions for your specific needs


Machinery, tools and processes vary widely across the wood working industry and a “one size fits all” approach to clean air is not always the best approach. Therefore, Nederman offers a complete range of industrial dust collection products and services for the controlling wood dust for machines and for general cleaning.


  • Local exhaustSolutions for local, source control including CNC machines for single or multiple extraction points
  • On-tool source captureHigh-vacuum collectors for hand-held tools on single point or multiple extraction points
  • General Cleaning / HousekeepingOver time, dust accumulates on floors and machine surfaces that require cleaning to reduce combustible dust risks and keep machines running smoothly

Local Exhaust Collectors


Local exhaust collectors are low vacuum solutions having high airflow rates. Nederman solution range covers applications generating large amounts of dust with high airflow requirements with LBR filters and less airflow demanding indoor applications with S-Series dust collectors.


LBR SmartFilter IIoT ready with Nederman Insight


LBR SmartFilter


LBR SmartFilters are reverse air baghouses configurable for various dust loadings and air volumes. These filters have a modular design that can handle air volumes over 175,000 ft3/min (300.000 m3/hr) and configurable to meet all ATEX and NFPA combustible dust regulations. The filter is energy efficient, IIoT ready and offers a wide range of options and accessories for unique needs.


LBR SmartFilter has 4 different models differentiated by how they handle collected material.


S-Series Dust Collector

S-Series Enclosureless Dust Collector


S-Series dust collectors are designed for indoor installation compliant with NFPA combustible dust regulations providing a cost-effective filtration solution for small and medium-sized workshops.


They are available in three sizes: the S-500, S-750 and S-1000 ranging from 1,500 – 5,000 CFM.




On-Tool (High-Vacuum) Collectors


On-Tool dust collectors are high-vacuum solutions with low airflow used to catch, transport and filter particles.


Nederman offers both compact high-vacuum dust collectors with a design suitable for single or small number of extraction points as well as solutions for high volume production environments with large capacity dust containers and automatic filter cleaning features.


The PLC controlled models are IIoT ready and operates with a variable frequency drive for smooth and efficient operation.




Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum 216 E


For housekeeping and general cleaning of machining surfaces, The Nederman product range offers mobile high-vacuum solutions suitable for collecting combustible wood dust.


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