Wood waste management in leading furniture manufacturing company

Sistema de despoeiramento em fábrica no Vietnam

Millennium Furniture Co., Ltd.*, are a key company in the supply chain of one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturing companies and has recently expanded their production with two new plants. To meet the challenges of handling the large volumes of air needed due to combustible dust from MDF and particle board in the production, and to meet the strict requirements of safety, efficiency and aesthetics, the company chose Nederman to provide a complete solution for wood waste management, dust collection and recycling for both plants.

Challenges with wood waste management in large volumes

With a distribution network reaching out to more than 123 countries, the company faced challenges in the capacity to filter the large volume of air that was needed. Combustible dust from MDF and particle board in the production has to be extracted to prevent the risk of explosions and to create a safe, compliant and efficient working environment. In addition to the strict requirements of safety, efficiency and aesthetics the company also has to fulfill special safety requirements to pass the global FM approved safety ratings and ATEX regulations.

Complete solution for wood dust collection and recycling 

The chosen wood waste management solution offered, supplied and installed by Nederman was made in two phases for the two factories. In the first phase 14+3 Modules of the ATEX compliant and FM approved LBR-C SmartFilter, 3 pcs of Combifab Fan 75 Kw and 3 pcs of CARZ 800 was installed to handle 164,000 m3/h air. In the second phase another installation of 12+3 LBR-C SmartFilter Modules and 3 pcs each of the Combifab Fan and CARZ 800 was designed and installed to handle an additional 140,000 m3/h air.

The installation provides a safe and healthy working environment for the employees as well as protects the facilities and the production, by minimizing the risks of fires and explosions from combustible dust - which is one of the most serious risks caused by dust in woodworking environments. The dust collection systems also contributes to improved production efficiency with low operation and maintenance costs as well as reduces the environmental impact of the industrial process.

- It´s precious that our customer is very concerned about people, the environment, and aesthetics. They asked us to design a solution to ensure occupational safety and a healthy working environment for employees and also to not reduce the plant’s greens, and that´s what we did, says Hai Nguyen, Country Manager, Nederman Vietnam

Benefits with wood waste management by Nederman

  • Complete solution and installation
  • ATEX compliant
  • FM Global compliant
  • Energy efficient

The customer value of clean air

  • Efficient production of large volumes
  • Safe and healthy working environment
  • Reduced environmental impact 
  • Low operating and maintenance cost


*Millennium Furniture Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of  Ashley Furniture Industries (United States)