Engtex choose Nederman for efficient oil mist filtration

When building a new factory, Engtex decided to install efficient oil mist filters to clean exhausted air from the stenter machines. Among the key benefits were future proof solutions with respect to exhausted emissons and long filter life.

Customer Name:   Engtex AB 
Country:  Sweden
Product:   Two units Nederman OSF 6x3000
Key Benefits:    Clean air inside the workshop and clean exhausted air from the building
   Future proof solution with respect to exhausted emissions
   Long filter life


Engtex is a world leading manufacturer of warp knitted technical textiles such as personal protective equipment, for example chainsaw protective garments and trousers. Engtex also produces reinforcement fabrics with plastic coated materials such as synthetic roofing membrane, flexible doors, ventilation ducts, storage halls and tents.


Engtex AB built a new factory and decided to install efficient oil mist filters to clean the exhaust air from the stentermachines. The plasticizer in the textiles are leaving the machines as an organic oil vapor and other air pollution at high concentrations, causing exceptional heat loss and demanding filtration needs.



Nederman presented the Fibre Drain concept to Engtex and visited a similar installation/application. In order to recommend the most efficient filter combination, a test with a trial unit was performed. Two oil smoke filter systems, Nederman OSF 6x3000, were installed, including fans in sound boxes and control equipment.

Oil mist filtration with Nederman Filtac OSF

Nederman OSF installation

Efficiency of the two main filters is described in the graphs below. 



You can download the Engtex Case Study on oil mist filtration here.