Complete smart filter solutions allow you to get the most out of your air filtration

The implementation of smart filters, thanks to IoT technology, is a major development in the area of industrial air filtration. However, it is in many ways merely the first step toward having a more intelligent, user-friendly and complete air filtration solution in place. The combination of smarter filtration products, IIoT technology, and service & support specific to the customer’s unique needs presents opportunities that can improve the overall system performance and reduce the cost of ownership.

What are some of the key benefits of IOT technology and smart filters?

IOT technology, smart data collection and filter performance monitoring systems provide critical information, and an improved knowledge of one’s filter system. These kinds of monitoring systems allow for better planning and less unplanned, costly maintenance. Operators are given the opportunity to predict maintenance needs rather than respond to accidents and problems once they have occurred. Thanks to the system’s combination of mobility and intelligence, decisions can be made quickly, and productivity can be improved.

Some other benefits of smart filters are:

  • Uptime assurance, meaning that actions can be taken before the system slows down or stops altogether.
  • Filtration system lifetime improvement, as early detections of problems or errors help extend the life of the product.
  • Performance tracking, which provides valuable data on the performance of your filter.
  • Improved safety, with early alerts of fire or potential explosions reducing the risk of personal injuries and damages to property.
  • Energy efficiency, since a system where all components are running properly tends to consume less energy.

Smart filters benefit from tailor-made software, service and support

In order for all of this to function as smoothly as possible, the software that provides the operator with the information from the filter needs to be intuitive, lucid, and, preferably, developed with the specific smart filter solution in mind. The user should also have easy access to service and support functions, which can provide additional knowledge and help when needed.

Using a software system that has been made specifically for a certain smart filtration system has several benefits. The operator will not have to worry about compatibility issues between the hardware and the software, as both have likely been made by the same manufacturer. It also means that the operator can turn to that manufacturer with all questions regarding both the software and the hardware. Service and support staff will be familiar with both.

Common challenges associated with industrial filtration

When it comes to the subject of air filtration and dust and fume extraction, there are some common issues that customers are often faced with. Companies tend to focus resources on their core manufacturing processes, and tend not to have a high level of expertise or understanding of the associated air filtration system. This in spite of that system’s performance being critical to the operation. Even so, this is an area that is of great importance. Dust and fumes need to be collected for a variety of reasons, including the maintaining of clean air, personnel health and security, product quality, machine operations and productivity, as well as compliance with directives.

In addition to this, expenses and the total cost of ownership (TCO) need to be kept low. Maintenance work can be time-consuming, physically difficult, dirty, and expensive, especially with unplanned downtime.

Introducing the MCP SmartFilter part of a complete air filtration solution

The Nederman MCP SmartFilter is the latest industrial air filtration solution designed to collect dust and fumes common in metal working and other industrial processes. Using industry-leading filtration technology, the MCP system contributes to improvements in air

quality, work processes and worker safety, while simultaneously reducing operation costs. Smart sensors and controls monitor critical components in order to keep the system running in an efficient and reliable way. This gives you more time to focus on your business, as you can rely on Nederman to support your factory’s clean air requirements.

The MCP SmartFilter has a new, unique, squircle-shaped (thus a square with rounded corners) design that allows for the most airflow per footprint on the market: 8500 m3/h/m2. This design gives the MCP filter 25% more filter area compared to conventional cylindrical filters. These cartridges are designed to last, having a lifetime twice as long as those of comparable solutions.

On-demand cleaning lowers costs and extends cartridge filter life

The MCP SmartFilter is equipped with IntelliPULSE™, an advanced filter cleaning control system. IntelliPULSE™ works to maintain a constant differential pressure drop across the filter element, while using the least amount of compressed air. Fewer filter cleaning cycles means less emissions, less use of compressed air, lower energy costs, reduced system wear and tear, and an extended filter life.

The Nederman myAir Concept – a complete air filtration solution

A modern and complete air filtration solution is essential to an efficient and safe operation.  Leveraging IIoT technology into your filtration system provides access to critical data, as well as service and support when needed. Overall, this empowers users to take control of their factory air.

Nederman’s offers a complete solution called myAir, which is a concept that combines a high performing filtration system, filtration specific integrated IIoT technology, and a personal service & support plan. The monitoring software is a cloud solution for filtration analytics and alarms, enabling remote monitoring and troubleshooting. The service & support function includes onsite support by Nederman service technicians on the one hand, and online support on the other. The latter provides active filtration monitoring by Nederman’s support personnel, using IoT data. This gives operators the opportunity to fully understand what affects the performance of their filters, with the help of Nederman filtration experts. 

Feel free to read more about the MCP SmartFilter and the benefits of smart filter systems here at the Nederman website. Our work with smart filters and IoT technology has only just begun, so expect us to return to this subject in the near future.