Complete Industrial Air Filtration Solution

The MCP SmartFilter cartridge dust collector is the latest air filtration solution that brings together leading filtration technology in a way that leads to improved air quality, reduced operating costs and a safer workplace. Sensors and controls monitor critical components in order to keep the system running reliably and effectively. Combined with subscriptions for remote monitoring, service and support, you are prepared to take control of your industrial air filtration.

Smarter Industrial Filtration

The MCP SmartFilter (MCP) is the latest industrial air filtration solution combining industry leading filtration technology in a smarter way. The MCP delivers improved air quality, reduced operating costs, improved processes and worker safety. But more importantly, it enables you to focus more time on your business by relying on Nederman to support your factory's clean air needs.


Optimized Filter Technology
Optimized filter design, nanofiber filter media, intelligent controls, advanced filter cleaning and Insight IIoT services.

Easy to Use and Maintain
Flexible design, modular, multiple filter media, accessories and more provides a solution to meet unique customer requirements.

Future-Proof Technology and Services
Product performance and technology for the demands of today and also ready for the future.

Complete Filtration Solution
Nederman is uniquely positioned globally to support our customers through system design, installation, operation and service to maximize customer uptime.

Insight Ready

Digital platform - Insight ready
The MCP SmartFilter is Insight Ready. That is, IIoT prepared and ready to connect to Nederman’s cloud-based analytics solution called Nederman Insight Analytics. The solution provides in depth knowledge of current and historical filter performance, alerts and alarms at given thresholds for quick problem solving. It is accessible both on the web and as apps for full availability and flexibility.

Learn more about Nederman's monitoring modules and subscription plans here: myAir.

MCP SmartFilter

Designed for Your Application

Configurable to meet the filtration needs of dust and fumes during metalworking processes. The MCP is designed to meet your needs today and scale to meet your demands in the future.


  • Weld Smoke
  • Weld Fumes
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Thermal Spraying
  • Metal Grinding
  • Powder and Bulk Materials
  • Powder Painting and Pigment
  • Sand and Shot Blasting
  • Grain / Agriculture
  • Nuisance Dust

The Nederman Difference

The MCP SmartFilter's revolutionary design is focused on more uptime, cleaner air, reduced maintenance when needed and lower operating costs. The MCP SmartFilter is your complete air filtration solution.

Improved User Experience

  • Sensors - Monitor key performance indicators to improve operation and maintenance.
  • Galvanized Finish - Improved durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Quick Release Dust Bins - Manageable dust removal with casters.
  • System Fans - Available in integral top mount or ducted ground mount. 

Enhanced Filter Performance

  • Vertical Filters - Improved filter cleaning versus horizontal-style filters resulting in more dust in the bin and extended filter life.
  • Dust Separation Plates - Impact and perforated plates direct dust laden air first towards the bin reducing filter load and abrasion.
  • Squircle Filter Profile - Unique filter shape allows for more open and stronger pleats for improved filter cleaning and durability.
  • Rear Vertical Inlet - Reduces collector footprint versus horizontal inlet arrangements.
  • Immersion Valves - Increased filter cleaning power and efficiency. 

Advanced Nanofiber Filter Media Technology

  • Reduced Energy Consumption - Lower filter pressure and reduced compressed air utilization.
  • Extended Filter Life- Increased dust holding capacity and improved cleaning effectiveness result in reduced filter wear and tear.
  • Reduced Emissions -Each time a filter is pulsed cleaned, emissions occur. More effective cleaning results in fewer pulse cleaning cycles and substantially reduced emissions compared to commodity filters.
  • Smaller Footprint - Nanofiber media's ability to handle fume applications more effectively means that fewer filters and smaller dust collectors are required saving money and valuable floor space.

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