Future-proof reverse air baghouse dust collector

The LBR SmartFilter system brings together leading filtration technology in a way that leads to improved air quality, reduced operating costs and a safer workplace. Sensors and controls monitor critical components in order to keep the system running reliably and effectively. Combined with subscriptions for remote monitoring, service and support, you are prepared to take control of your industrial air filtration.

Smarter industrial air filtration

LBR SmartFilter IIoT connected industrial air filtration system

LBR SmartFilter is a reverse air style baghouse suitable for industrial dust collection applications including the wood industry (furniture, cabinetry, windows, doors, flooring, particle board, MDF, building materials, marine, sawmills), agriculture (seed transportation and cleaning), waste / recycling, paper, plastic and other lightweight bulk materials. 

LBR SmartFilter systems are IIoT ready, energy efficient solutions designed for continuous duty operation in both overpressure (positive) or vacuum (negative) airflow arrangements. The system is a modular design that can handle air volumes over 175,000 ft3/min (300,000 m3/hr) and configurable to meet all ATEX and NFPA combustible dust regulations. 

The key elements

Proven solution
With over 35,000 LBR installations worldwide, Nederman has the expertise and experience to solve your specific dust collection challenges. 

A modular system available in a variety of configurations to meet unique needs.

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LBR-C chain conveyor LBR-S screw conveyor  LBR-R rotary valve LBR-B bin container 
Chain Conveyor (LBR-C) Screw Conveyor (LBR-S) Rotary Valve (LBR-R) Bin Container (LBR-B)



Insight Ready

Field expandability and IIoT ready controls that can be updated prepares the factory for today and the future. Connect to Nederman’s cloud-based analytics solution called Nederman Insight Analytics

The solution provides in depth knowledge of current and historical filter performance, alerts and alarms at given thresholds for quick problem solving. It is accessible both on the web and as apps for full availability and flexibility.

Read more about our monitoring modules and myAir subscription plans.


Energy efficient operation, extended filter life and effective recovery of waste material to be reused or recycled. 

Low operational cost

5+ years typical filer life, low pressure losses and efficient filter cleaning reduce operating expenses compared to pulse jet or shaker alternatives.

Regulatory compliance

Air quality and combustible dust regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Nederman's expertise helps our customers design and maintain compliance with ATEX or NFPA demands.

LBR SmartFilter - a complete industrial air filtration solution

The solution has many functions to provide long filter lifetime and a better total cost of ownership. It empowers users to operate and maintain the filtration system more effectively improving plant productivity, worker safety, regulatory compliance and energy consumption.

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