Potrubní systémy a rozvody

Potrubní systémy pro odsávací systémy

Potrubí a potrubní systémy pro každou potřebu. Od vysoce podtlakových trubek po snadno montovatelné potrubni systémy QF nebo těsné potrubní systémy QFS. Potrubní a potrubní systémy společnosti Nederman se rychle a snadno instalují.

QF sealed ducting offers a complete range of diameters and accessories for easy-to-fix professional installations. Manufactured from galvanised steel with laser welded seams, which have smoother internal surfaces and provide greatly enhanced leak resistance.
QF (Quick Fit) duct for process ventilation systems.
FB duct (Flat Edge, also known as Single Edged or Lipped Edge).
Ducting type FB in Mild Steel, excellent for industrial ventilation, vacuum and pneumatic conveying.
Stainless QF (Quick Fit) duct for process ventilation systems.