LBR-S SmartFilter

LBR-S SmartFilter with screw conveyor for heavy dust applications

The LBR-S is an advanced, IIoT ready, reverse air baghouse suited for continuous duty applications with medium air volumes and heavy dust loading. The modular filter housing can be scaled based on the required airflow and modules can be field added if additional capacity is required.

Air enters the filter through an inlet module or hopper inlet where the heavy / large dust particles drop out of airstream. The remaining fine particles pass through an array of highly efficient SUPERBAG filters allowing clean air to pass through. As dust accumulates on the filter bags, a regeneration fan located on each filter module blows air in the reverse direction dislodging the collected dust into the hopper where it is evacuated by a screw conveyor into a container or variety of material handling systems.

The LBR SmartFilter features the Insight Control Panel offering complete control of the filter and system accessories. Sensors located throughout the system monitor and collect critical operational data for the local controls and can be connected to the Nederman cloud based IIoT platform for remote monitoring and system data analytics.

  • Configurable. Modular design combined with a wide range of filter and system accessories allows the LBR SmartFilter to be configured to your factory’s unique needs. A variety of filter sizes, depths and ability to handle either overpressure (positive) or vacuum (negative) airflow arrangement means the filter is optimized for your needs.
  • Future Proof. The LBR SmartFilter controls are IIoT ready as standard, and our proprietary Insight platform enhances their current operation and prepares their factory for a digital future. Filter modules can be added in field if additional capacity is required.
  • Low Operational Cost. 5-7 years of filter life, low operational pressure losses and efficient filter cleaning reduces the total cost of ownership compared to pulse jet or mechanical shaker alternatives.
  • Regulatory Compliance. The LBR SmartFilter complies with the latest ATEX and NFPA combustible dust standards and regulations and our trained, experienced sales teams can provide a complete, turn-key compliant system.
  • Sustainability. The LBR SmartFilter offers an energy efficient solution capable of recovering waste material to be reused or recycled.

Technical data
Certifications CE, EX
Installation Outdoor
Material Galvanised steel sheet
Suitable for combustible dust Yes
Filter cleaning method Reverse air pulse
Application Dust
Working pressure (in. wg) 5
Capacity (max airflow cfm) 40,000
Operating Temperature 167
Power Voltage (V) 208-600
Filter type Bag
Filter material Superbag 2000 XT15 with ø200 mm collar
Power (Hp) Regeneration fan - 3 Hp (2,2 kW) option - 1.5 Hp (1,1 kW )
Note Configurable product
    LBR-S SmartFilter, configured

    ArtNo: LBR-S