Health and Safety for Metalworking

Industrial housekeeping helps protect ALL your workers!

Numerous studies over the last decades have proven that employees who work in the cleanest environments work more efficiently, more productively and create a better quality output than those that work in dusty, dirty environments.

First, a clean environment is more pleasing to work in than a dirty environment. It shows to the workers that the company cares about them as employees. 

Second, there are health concerns in a dirty work environment. When fine oil mist and smoke particles are breathed in, hazardous materials become trapped in the nose. Productivity could be impacted if workers are constantly cleaning their nose, they are not running and operating the machinery. Some mist and smoke can penetrate through the nose and breathing pathways and travel into the lungs, causing less oxygen to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The less oxygen in the bloodstream, the less energy a person has, causing employees to naturally work slower. It is also easier to get sick, which leads to an increase in missed work due to sick days. The hazards of oil mist and smoke not only affects the plant workers, but it can also drift around the plant and affect the front office areas.

Workers who feel healthy are typically happier employees. Employee retention could benefit from industrial housekeeping. After the significant investment in attracting and training your workers, the last thing you need is for a dirty work environment contributing to employee turnover - impacting your productivity and bottom line. 

Nederman oil mist collection systems can improve your indoor air quality, leading to more efficient production, less sick leave, and longer tenured employees who know their jobs well.