Lead Product Manufacturer Improves Air & Water Quality using Nederman FibreDrain® Oil Mist Filtration System

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Glacier Technology needed to provide a solution for a customer regarding contamination issues resulting from their metal fabrication process for lead products and components.

This parts manufacturer had multiple die casting machines using cooling oil mists to help release the lead parts. Lead has a significant level of toxicity, which  increases as it is melted, so toxic gases were also being emitted during the lead melting process at each machine. This company needed sufficient filtering machines that met pollution control requirements. 

Nederman Oil Mist Collection System

A Nederman FibreDrain Oil Mist Collection system was recommended to this customer by Glacier Technology, a local Nederman Dealer to improve their filtration of toxic oil mists. Included in the installation was a custom hood and duct system. 

FibreDrain® oil mist and oil smoke collectors are designed with the unique FibreDrain® filter technology to guarantee high filtration efficiency and long filter life also at high oil mist concentrations in continuous operation. The FibreDrain® oil mist collectors are modular which extends the possible air flow capacity over the maximum size in standard range. All units are prepared with sampling ports that can be used for Nederman Insight solutions, other control systems or measurements during operation. A wide range of accessories available to meet most application requirements. All standard units incorporate fans in compliance with ErP 2015 directive.

In just two months, the metal manufacturer achieved dramatically lower contamination levels. Initially readings were 46.8 parts  per million and after using Nederman FibreDrain®, readings were down to a level of .16 parts per million. This helped the customer achieve levels well under the local pollution control codes, improving air quality and eliminating any groundwater contamination problems. 

Nederman's FibreDrain® System improved air and groundwater quality while being in compliance with local pollution codes. For the customer, this created a safer and healthier work environment while reducing environmental impact. 

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