Frequency controlled RBU FC when extra suction is needed when larger and heavier pieces need to be taken care of or need to be transported through long pipelines.

Nederman RBU FC units work uninterruptedly with strong suction and a maintained efficiency. This is the perfect vacuum source in larger systems where powerful vacuum is required to balance for large pressure drop in long pipes or hoses. The frequency controlled RBU FC regulates the speed of the
motor depending on the vacuum demand leading to lower power consumption and increased capacity. Also in installations where extra extraction power is needed, e g transport heavy materials. As standard supplied with vacuum and discharge silencers, universal valve including vacuum regulator,
safety valve and back flush valve.

Applications: cleaning, swarf removal, grinding, sanding, welding.

  • Powerful units when extra vacuum is needed.
  • Minimized power consumption.
  • Low noise level.

Technical data
Capacity (max airflow cfm) 2600 m³/h @ -20 kPa
Certifications CE
Installation Indoor, Outdoor
Material recycling (%) 95-97
Max vaccum (psi) 45
Noise level (dB(A)) 70
Suitable for combustible dust Yes
Control Voltage (V) 24 V DC +/-10%
Frequency (Hz) 20-60 Hz
No of phases 3
Power (Hp) 55
Power Voltage (V) 400
Weight (lbs) 1326

Accessories for this product 2

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Bend spiro BU 200mm 90dgr

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