The over 110-year-old family company, now in the fourth generation of the family, mainly produces material for windows, doors, mullion, and transom facades in wood and aluminum, roller shutter systems, sun protection systems, and joinery work. With a growing business, a new facility was needed to expand the capacity and new  filter systems were installed to ensure that the new plant was safe, energy efficient, and compliant with current  laws and regulations.

Wood dust collection system to ensure safety, energy efficiency and compliance

When building a new facility there were challenges with the large number of different machines that needed to be connected to one filter system and to transport the dust to on-site silos. The combustible dust generated from the production needed to be handled in a safe way to minimize the risk of fire and explosion hazards. Also, the high energy price was a challenge, and economical extraction with heat recovery needed to be considered to ensure energy efficiency and low energy costs. 

The solution provided by Nederman was an LBR SmartFilter system with Combifab Fans and CARZ Explosion Isolation Valves. The installation is an exterior dust collection system with a capacity of handling 30,000 m³/h air to meet the filtration needs of the large number of machines in the production. The installation is ATEX-compliant and the filter unit is a customized filter system for wood dust extraction, fully in accordance with the German social accident insurance institution for the woodworking and metalworking industries.

Benefits with Nederman wood dust collection 

  • Multiple fans for flexibility and energy efficiency
  • Fans with service-friendly, ground-level installation
  • Long service life and gentle cleaning of the filter elements by means of purging air
  • Return air duct with summer/winter switchover and residual dust monitoring

The value of clean air in production environments

  • Healthier and safer working environment
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Added value from recycling of chips
  • Energy savings
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

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