Nederman Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System in Mercedes-Benz workshop

Sistema de extração de gases de escape na Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is one of the largest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. To ensure a safe working environment for employees, improve productivity and create a cleaner environment, Mercedes-Benz Turkey chose to install a Nederman Vehicle Exhaust Hose Reel system to extract exhaust fumes, resulting in a clean air workshop.

Vehicle exhaust fumes are toxic to human health and can lead to a variety of health problems, such as lung disorders, cancer, and other diseases risking premature death. When let outside, it also leads to increased air pollution and negatively affects the environment. Extraction at the source is the most efficient method of capturing and removing vehicle exhaust fumes and to create a clean, safe and healthy environment.

The challenges with vehicle exhaust in workshops

The Mercedes-Benz working crew was exposed to too much vehicle exhaust inside the workshop. At the same time, fog clouds began to form and the colour of the walls began to darken. The exhaust fumes contain harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Without a proper exhaust system, these harmful gases were inhaled by the mechanics exposing them to hazardous health risks. The polluted air and unclean working environment lead to lower productivity, due to tired and unfocused workers, as well as costly sick days. The exhaust fumes were also being released outdoors affecting both nature and people living in the area.

Vehicle exhaust extraction system as the solution

To solve the challenges that Mercedes-Benz was facing, a Nederman 865 Exhaust Hose Reel was chosen. The exhaust extraction system is installed in the ceiling and enables a flexible solution where the exhaust hoses hangs at a reachable height and can easily be attached to the car to extract the exhaust directly at the source - creating a safer and healthier working environment. When not in use, the hoses can flexibly be hoisted completely out of the way to keep the workshop clean and in order.

"There is no longer any fumes or exhaust smell in the garage. The material used in the exhaust extraction system is of very high quality and is very simple to use. Even after 5-6 months, the products are still the same as we received on the first day.” - Yusuf Öztürk, Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Chief

Benefits of Nederman Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System

  • Improved working conditions
  • Higher productivity
  • Ensure a clean and safe working environment
  • Healthier employees