Nanofiber technology enables to optimize the European air filtration standard

By collect more and smaller particles than any other filter media, nanofiber filter medias generates cleaner air and a healthier work environment for employees. So why isn't it used in every industry in every region of the planet?

Nanofiber technology in filter media enables filters to collect more and smaller particles than no other air filtration technology. While at the same time last longer and use less fan and compressed energy, nanofiber technology reduces operating costs, increases production effectivity and is more sustainable for the planet. The nanofiber technology is well proven and gives immediate effects, which makes a change of filter media a safe investment that will guarantee cleaner air and higher performance - with reduced costs.

Download the white paper "Nanofiber technology enables to optimize the European air filtration standard" to learn about:

  • Nanofiber technology within air filtration
  • Opportunities for European industries
  • Health risks for industrial workers and how nanofiber technology creates a healthier work climate
  • How your industry can benefit economically by using nanofiber filter medias

Nanofiber technology applied on filter medias is a well proven technique and have been the standard in the U.S. for many years. It´s a clear choice for air filtration systems at the American market, but not in Europe. The fact that it´s not yet a standard in European industries clarifies the opportunities for air filtration in the region: the European air can get cleaner.

Download the white paper about nanofiber technology here: