FilterMax C25

A compact multi purpose dust collector with built-in fan

FilterMax C25 is a complete integrated filter solution for the entire workshop. FilterMax C25 handles the air polution from metal industries as well as non explosive dust from other indu¬stries. The filter has the capacity to handle up to 2750 m³/h (1620 cfm). A wide range of cartridges for different purposes are available. With it’s sturdy design, smooth inner surfaces, optimized angles of repose and digital control system, the filter fulfils stringent demands for continuous operation and effective filtration. To simplify use and guarantee optimum performance, FilterMax C25 is equipped with Nederman’s automatic cleaning system. The pulse-jet system shoots short, powerful jets of air into the filter cartridges. The dirt is released from the filter surface and falls down into a container. The pulse-jet system cleans the filter cartridges in sequence while the filter is in operation. The FilterMax C25 can also be cleaned after operation if so desired. The FilterMax C25 cartridge is a high performance, compact filter cartridge. The design is optimized for efficient media use and good cleaning properties. The small inner volume in combination with the air distributing support cage gives efficient cleaning. Shallow open pleats allows efficient removal of dust. The cartridges is available in different materials. The flat pocket shaped minimizes the area of the “lost” media on top of the cartridge.

  • A powerful filtration solution for continous operation
  • Compact unit with small floor space requirements
  • Quiet cleaning system for a good work environment
  • Integrated fan and control system for simple mechanical and electric installation

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